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I have been handspinning for many years.  It's a craft that I really enjoy. Later I took up weaving and now own a Glimakra Loom.  
I am a member of the Spinners,Weavers and Dyers Guild and hope to complete a Certificate of Achievement in Hand Weaving.
I enjoy making wall hangings and rugs and am very much influenced with Navajo weaving.  I love the geometrics in the pattern work.
I use the Ryeland wool from my flock, for weaving and knitting.
This year however, I have sent my wool clip to be processed into DK yarn and wool tops.  These products can be purchased from the
Articles for Sale page.
"Navajo beleive that weaving is a gift from a spirit"
samples of my work
Handwoven Alpaca scarf
handwoven rug
Handspun, handwoven rug
handspun cardigan
Handspun, handwoven rug
tablet weaving
handspun, hand dyed ryeland wool
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